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The role of aroma oil diffuser in the car.

2021-07-09 Hits: 48 views

We all know that the inner leather, fabric, plastic, etc. of the new car that we just bought will always have some unpleasant smell, so many friends inevitably buy some bamboo charcoal, perfume, or even a high-quality car aroma diffuser. Because the ultrasonic car aroma diffuser diffuses the fragrance and releases negative ions, it can purify the air in the car in a relatively short time.

The difference between using aromatherapy perfumes and plant essential oils

Car fragrance diffusers are better than car perfumes in that the car has long-term use of air conditioning, and mold is prone to grow over time, and the interior of the car is also a home for dust. And car maintenance will not help you clean up these uninvited guests. Therefore, potent antibacterial and refreshing plant essential oils are a better choice than ordinary perfumes that only diffuse fragrances.

Selection of plant essential oils

The aromatherapy machine uses ultrasonic atomization to disperse essential oils into nano-sized particles through high-frequency oscillation technology, which is relatively gentle to the human body. Especially refreshing essential oils, such as bergamot, lemongrass, lotus, lemon, etc.

Have a pleasant smell, especially in summer, they have a refreshing and boosting effect. For spiritual aromatherapy, the traffic situation while driving is inevitably irritating. In order to maintain peace of mind, you can also use rose or orange essential oil, both of which are helpful for physical and mental balance and spiritual harmony. Most of the flavors of essential oils are compatible, and you can also reconcile and use them according to your preference, giving yourself an aroma spa anytime, anywhere!