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Essential Oils in the Ancient World

2021-06-25 Hits: 42 views

Essential oils have long been recognized worldwide for their versatility, especially in health, beauty and wellness, as they are highly concentrated extracts from plants, but their use is not new. In fact people have been practicing health care through the use of essential oils and other botanicals for a long time in human history.

1. In Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were the innovators in the use of essential oils. They used them for sacred rituals such as burning plants to exorcise demons, consecrating the earth or sun, celebrating the death and defeat of enemies and the birth of newborns, making mummies and oiled statues of deities, and for some religious rituals, medicine, makeup and bathing in daily life.

2. In ancient Rome

The ancient Romans mixed many valuable spices and applied them to their bodies, hair, clothes, bed sheets and even walls to add fragrance.

3. In China

Legend has it that more than 5000 years ago, Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs, reflecting the value of spices in medicine. Tang Dynasty fattening fertilizer also commonly used flower petals in water to cover body odor.

This shows that essential oils have been used in people’s lives since a long time ago, and today they are widely used worldwide for health, beauty and wellness