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Aromatherapy for Spring Use

2021-04-23 Hits: 38 views

Dormant for a long winter, finally ushered in the spring season. Everything comes back to life, the seeds sprout, we feel the throb of the heart, the reviving body begins to face all kinds of unstable factors. Let the essence of plants from nature help us cope together in this moment and calm our various emotions with aromatherapy.

  • One of the classic symptoms of spring: drowsiness

Spring is the most easily sleepy season, every morning do not wake up feeling all day, how can not lift the energy to come.

Aromatic recommended: Juniper, grapefruit, bergamot, peppermint

How to use: Put 3-4 drops of any essential oil of your choice on a handkerchief or tissue and take 3 deep breaths to inhale the oil. Then place a tissue or handkerchief inside the collar of your shirt, bra or sleeve. This will allow the essential oil to continue to evaporate in your body heat, giving it further effect. In addition, your friends will be inexplicably perked up by the scent you give off.

  • Typical symptoms of spring two: fidgety

Modern life, under the pressure of high stress, is already stressful, and the pressure, humidity and pollen in the air can make things worse.

Aromatic recommended: Sandalwood, Bee Herb, Frankincense

How to use: Place one drop of any of the above oils in the palm of your hand. Rub your palms vigorously. Close your eyes, cover your face with your palms, and breathe deeply. As long as the mood is agitated, you can use this method at any time, both simple, the effect is good. Or also can pour essential oil in small fine oil bottle hanging act the role of in hanging before the chest, the appease essential oil that lets be close to the heart adjusts his mood at any time.

  • Typical symptoms of spring three: itching skin

Spring everywhere, catkins bring itch dry meaning, lost control of the face of dandruff, red rash, all kinds of skin itching make people fidgeting.

Aromatic recommended: Geranium, bitter orange leaves

How to use: Make yourself an all-natural moisturizer. Pour 100 ml of pure water droplets into one of the above pure essential oils. In addition to washing the face every morning and evening after the muscle, can also carry, as long as the skin feels dry and itchy, to spray on face or with a cotton pad dipped in the skin try.

  • Typical symptoms of spring four: low mood

With the end of a series of festivals symbolizing joy, love and reunion, it can be an emotional loss, whether it’s the transition from glory to peace, or the holiday alone. So, spring looks prosperous, but in fact it is sad.

Aromatic recommended: Lavender, happy sage, wild orange, rose

How to use: Prepare a watering can, fill with 100ml of water, then add 10 drops of one of the above essential oils and shake well. When you get up in the morning, you can spray it on the carpet, curtains, or floor MATS to instantly change the atmosphere and mood of your room and start your day with a pleasant scent.

Aromatic recommended: Sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense

How to use: All of these oils are woody oils extracted from trees and have soothing and calming effects. Use the aromatherapy machine for aromatherapy. Fill the aromatherapy machine with clear water, drop any one or mix 3-4 drops of essential oil for aromatherapy, bring peace and peace of mind.

  • Typical symptoms of spring five: Inspiration dried up

When I am at my desk or reading a book, I am exhausted and my brain is filled with a confused paste. Neither drinking coffee nor washing cold face is of any use.

Aromatic recommended: Rosemary, lemon, thyme

How to use: Put 3-4 drops of the above essential oil into the aromatherapy machine and let the essential oil fragrance permeate the indoor air to increase inspiration and improve concentration. You can also put 1 drop of thyme essential oil on the title page of a book or the cover of a folder, which cannot only increase the atmosphere of indoor wisdom, but also stimulate brain activity and increase the wisdom in the brain. You can also put a drop of lemon oil on your computer keyboard to help you wake up immediately and get rid of excess carbon dioxide in the office.

  • Typical symptoms of spring six: Passion is no longer

Although spring garden spring, spring is abundant, but also often irritable mood, cannot lift the spirit.

Aromatic recommended: Rose, jasmine, geranium

How to use: Use essential oils for bath and body massage. Pick 1-3 essential oils and pour 8-10 drops into the bath. Or choose the above essential oil diluted with coconut oil for body massage, increase love.